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Refresher Driving Courses

Refresher Driving Lessons Liverpool

Refresher Driving Lessons Crosby

As well as driving lessons we can offer you a refresher course in Crosby, Liverpool or the surrounding areas to give you the confidence to get back on the road.


No one will accept they’re a bad driver, but sometimes a gentle reminder of basic skills can do your confidence a world of good.


In our working lives we realise the value of ongoing training to help us adapt to changing circumstances and avoid getting rusty, so surely we should take the same approach to our driving?


The value of immediate post-test training such as the Pass Plus course is widely promoted. Increasingly, though, people who have held a licence for a number of years are realising that they would benefit from extra tuition and are deciding to take a refresher course.


This is fairly common in the case of older women, who have left most of the driving to their husbands. Now, because of bereavement or their partner’s illness, they need to get behind the wheel again.


Other reasons include wanting to overcome common motoring fears such as motorways or night driving, getting a job that involves high mileages, needing to regain confidence after an accident and moving from the country to the city or vice versa.


And, with recent weather conditions very much in everyone’s minds, driving in icy and snowy conditions is a challenge many people won’t have tackled as learners, but a session with a driving instructor can teach techniques for avoiding skids that can make the experience much less hair-raising.


Hardman Driving School has helped many drivers improve or regain their skills. Every course we teach is tailored to the individual. For example, if a confident driver has just passed their test and wants additional motorway training then we will probably spend most of the session on the motorway.


But if a person is struggling with a fear of driving then the approach will be more about gradual exposure – assessing their driving on quiet roads then moving to dual carriageways and eventually the motorway, but only at a rate that the driver feels comfortable with.


The length of refresher training can range from one session to a long series for especially nervous drivers. Some students will continue until they’ve reached the level they want, while others take a few lessons to get the ball rolling, and then go on to practise by themselves.


For people wanting to improve their road skills, Hardman Driving School is a good first port of call.


What is the point of a Refresher Course?

It will help you become a better, safer and more confident driver. Re-learning safe driving principles reduces the risk to yourself and your passengers and other road users. Our Refresher Driving Course will, quite simply, help you become a better, safer and more confident driver.


Who would benefit from a Refresher Course?

–  People lacking confidence in their driving 
–  People for whom it has been a while since they last drove a car 
–  People whose type of driving they need to do has changed, they have moved to a busier area, or need to drive longer distances 
–  People who hold a licence from another country and want to familiarise themselves with driving in the UK
–  Drivers involved in accidents who would like to undertake an assessment of their driving to make them more confident
–  Drivers thinking about switching from a manual car to an automatic
–  People who want a driving assessment, to reassure themselves
–  People who want to update their driving skills.
–  Qualified drivers that would like to supervise a learner driver whilst they are learning with an Instructor.


Everyone has a different reason, and requires something different from refresher driving lessons.


Refresher driving lessons for the elderly

With the number of elderly drivers on the road increasing by the year, some may feel that they would benefit from a refresher driving course for seniors. As a driver must legally renew their licence at the age of 70, plus every 3 years after this, it is up to the driver themselves to determine whether they are fit to drive. Refresher driving lessons for the elderly offer the driver increased confidence in their abilities by eliminating bad habits and increasing hazard awareness. Such courses are not intended to prevent or discourage elderly drivers from staying behind the wheel.

It could be said that every driver would benefit from a Refresher Driving Course! Over time, we all develop our own driving style and these can often lead to bad habits! Many of us would fail our Driving Test if we re-took it today!


If you would like further information about our Refresher Driving Courses in Liverpool why not call Hardman Driving School?


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