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“When I started taking lessons I wanted to block book them to save money, but I wanted to make sure that I felt comfortable with the driving instructor before committing to buying.  After my first lesson it became apparent that Dave was super laid back and patient. Dave couldn’t have made it easier, going through the learning process at my pace rather than dwelling for hours on specific manouvers. Dave also made sure that we covered possible test routes in the lessons so that I was comfortable driving around the areas I could get tested on. When it came to taking my test, I asked for Dave to come with me along with the examiner as I didn’t feel there’d be any added pressure with him being there. With all of Dave’s hard work and patience I passed first time! I couldn’t recommend Hardman Driving School enough. Thanks, Dave!”

– Danny Piercy

“I passed my test 1st time; my driving lessons were excellent. I had two other driving Schools before, but this was the best driving school among them. I had only 15 lessons with Helen and passed my driving test on my First Attempt. My husband is very happy with me because I am expecting our baby soon and he wants me to start driving before our baby arrives. Hardman Driving School was committed to the plan and worked with me. Helen is the best driving instructor I know. She is patient, friendly, respectful, punctual and focused. She has her own unique techniques for all the manoeuvres. I still can’t believe I passed on the First attempt. I found Hardman Driving School through a friend and Helen was the answer to my prayers. If you want to pass your driving test the first time use Hardman Driving School. They are highly recommended by me!”

– Joyce Lawson

“I found that Dave helped me massively. I enjoyed the lessons greatly, without Dave I wouldn’t have passed first time, and I am now enjoying driving by myself in my new car.”

– Jonathon Luke

“I had a number of driving lessons in a manual car but I always had a problem with gear changes, particularly when braking on the approach to a junction or roundabout. Helen suggested that I try again in an automatic and I found it so much easier. I had no gears to worry about and I passed my test first time.”

– Rachel Stuart

“I passed my test 1st time: my driving lessons were excellent. I had never tried driving but Dave was amazing. He was patient with me throughout. I am very excited as I didn’t have the confidence I needed at first but Dave always told me when I did the right things. Hardman Driving School was committed to me and worked with me. Dave is an amazing instructor. He is patient friendly and respectful. He has his own unique way of learning the manoeuvres. I still can’t believe I passed on the first attempt. I would recommend them to anyone.”

– Jumoke

“Dave took me from having never drove a vehicle of any type in September 2014, to passing my test in March 2015 with one lesson per week in between. Dave was a calming presence throughout the lessons and had the ability to make a fault feel more like a learning experience. This allowed me to progress both my driving skills and my confidence behind the wheel. Before my test I felt very competent in all the manoeuvres I may get tested on, and had experience on the test routes I may encounter during the test. I’d highly recommend Hardman Driving School. Thanks for all your help Dave, it was much appreciated.”

– Joe Wood

“Before becoming a student of Hardman Driving School I had previously been attached to one of the major national driving schools ….. and failed!. Taking a big hit in my personal confidence it took a while to attempt driving and was worried about the daunting task of finding the right instructor. Having took a chance at a google search I got lucky and picked the right school! Dave’s laid back approach allowed me the confidence to feel like I was driving independently whilst assessing my areas for improvement and addressing those. This style of teaching and first class tips and techniques are ultimately what guided me to pass my test. I would urge people to learn from this school with a proven track record and a friendly service.”

– Michael Sinnott

“Dave was a great instructor. He was very pateint and gave great advice for manoeuvres. I did my lessons on and off for a few years and always went back to Dave as he made me feel confident. Because of his patience & advice I passed first time. He’s very laid back and friendly. I would highly recommend Hardman Driving School, who also helped me to pass my Theory Test. Thanks again!”

– Charysee Leslie
“I really enjoyed my lessons with Dave, I was 4 months pregnant when I started and Dave really put me at ease, with no pressure at all, but lots of encouragement to keep progressing. I passed within 4 months, and I would definitely recommend using Hardman Driving School to pass your test. Lessons were always full with something different every time, and you always felt that bit more confident after every one. Thanks again for everything Dave.”
– Paula Keown
“Thank you Helen so much for all your patience, understanding and hard work you have put in to enable me to achieve this great step in my life. My car seems so quiet when I drive it, without having you there to chat away with me. Thanks again Helen as I really do believe it is your teacher who helps you become the person you are today.”
– Diane Peck
“Thanks Helen for all your help and guidance over the last few months. I really enjoyed my lessons with you and will keep in touch.”
– Hayley Bright
“Dave is amazing what else can I say. I now know I can drive after a whole year of self doubt. Driving an auto has changed my life. Now I know I will get my licence hustle free. Am happy at last and look forward to my driving lessons. I have found something that works and am not looking back”.
– Duduzile Ncube
“Thanks a million I couldn’t have done this without you, today was a very important day in my life I passed my driving test first time. I never thought this day would come, I still can not believe it. From the very first lesson i had with Dave back in September I never thought I would be test ready in under 6 months because of my nervousness. But with a lot of patience from Dave and his calm and relaxed way of teaching I felt totally at ease and before long I started to feel comfortable during my driving lessons. I started looking forward to my lessons and here I am today confident enough to drive myself (I still can’t believe it Dave). Thank you for bringing out the best in me, am grateful. If I can do it anyone can do it, as long as you are willing to do the hard work. Thanks again”.
– Duduzile Ncube
” I have had two driving instructors in the past before I called Dave as I felt that I was getting nowhere. From the first time I got into the car I felt so relaxed nothing was ever a problem to him, Dave’s explanations are so thorough and he made me feel confident in my driving. Dave is always on time and will always fit you in around your working schedule. If I was unsure about how to do a turn in the road or go round a roundabout Dave would always use pictures and diagrams to ensure that I knew exactly what I was doing, and after I have done it he would make me do it two or three times more to ensure that i was confident in that.
I had gone from doing one lesson a week on a Monday to deciding to do a week fast pass course, I could not think of doing it with anyone more thorough and relaxed as Dave. I felt that he was with me even when I got into a panic he was supportive all the way through and I even took him in the car on my practical driving test in which I passed first time.
Thank you very much for all your help, I have passed your number around the girls in the office”.
– Raychel Strefford
“From the first moment I met Dave I felt totally at ease, being in my 30’s I had left it long enought to decide wanting to drive. This didn’t prove an issue at all Dave was an excellent tutor approachable yet very thorough in what we needed to do to get me passed. He took me on plenty of test routes and possible scenario’s I may encounter during my test and in the future driving alone. During the time of my lessons I lost my job, Dave was very understanding and settled me down as it became more apparent I needed to be able to drive. I could go on, all you really need to know is that I passed first time and I couldn’t recommend Hardman Driving School enough”.
-Lee Pinnington
“At 46 and having had bad experiences with driving instructors in the past. I was very nervous about attempting to learn to drive again. It was such a relief to find an instructor who was not only happy to teach me automatic, but was so calm and relaxed that made me feel the same – a lesson with Dave was more like chatting to a friend while cooking the dinner than the fraught experience of the past! At just one hour a week I was happy to take it gradually but was so surprise when after only six months I felt confident enough to book a test. Dave made sure I was ready for any eventuality and knew all the test routes and I was overjoyed to pass comfortably first try! I’m so confident now I’m keen to go back in a couple of years to learn in a manual … Thanks Dave!
-Camilla Kearns
“I recently passed my test with Dave Hardman and I would like to say how professional and friendly the whole expereience was. I was fully prepared for my test and any questions or points I needed answered where fully covered and clearly explained. I had a test date set, my goal was to pass first time and with Dave Hardmans knowledge and experience I am now a full licence holder”.
-Alan Hodgson
“I would like to thank Dave Hardman and Hardman Driving School for helping me pass my driving test first time today, I couldnt be happier”.
-Emma Borrows
“Thanks so much Dave, So happy to have passed! Couldn’t have done it without you! All the patience in the world. Good job Eleanor gave me your number, thank you so much”.
( Rachael passed her driving test with Zero Driving Fault )
-Rachael Lacey
“Dave has been a great instructor and really helped me gain my confidence on the road. If you make a mistake he remains calm and patient, helping you to remain calm and focus on improving your driving ability. Can’t thank him enough for helping me along the way and would definitely reccomend”.
-Liam Shannon
“I came across Hardman Driving School, when my sister used to have driving lessons and recommended them to me for when i was interested in learning how to drive. About a year ago now I started to learn to drive and passed this year with Hardman Driving School. I really do recommend this driving school as the driving instructors are so welcoming and calm by letting you go at your own pace, with support throughout your entire time when learning to drive. Driving lessons with Helen gave me so much confidence within myself as you did not only learn to drive but you also had a enjoyable time learning in the process. Thank you once again for helping me to learn how to drive, it is the best feeling knowing you have the freedom to drive wherever you want, when you want. Thank you Hardman Driving School”.
-Emma Marshall
“Passed my test today 1st time thanks to Dave from Hardman Driving School. Only started learning with him in December 2015 and passed in February 2016. Fantastic teacher very patient and explained everything so well, that this morning I was full of confidence going into the test. I would definitely recommend this driving school to anyone looking for a quality instructor. Thank you Dave”.
-Charl Gee
“I did my lessons with Dave I found they went really well. As others have mentioned Dave is laid back and this makes for a comfirtable learning enviroment. As well as being laid back he was very aware of some of the little mistakes I would make and give me tips with how to deal with these. He was also very punctual and helpful in the fact he would work around my availability when he could which I did really appreciate. I would recommend to family and friends to do their lessons with Dave”.
-Steve McArdle
“I have just passed my driving test first time after having lessons with Dave Hardman at Hardman Driving School. Dave is a brilliant instructor and a really nice down to earth guy who gave me the confidence and skills needed in order for me to pass my test. I can’t thank him enough and would have no hesitation in recommending Dave and Hardman Driving School to anyone looking to pass their driving test”.
-Colin Linnett
“When a change of job based in St Helens, I had to face one of my biggest fears “learning to drive” I’d had a few bad experiences in the past with driving, and the thought of getting in a car terrified me, until I found Hardman Driving School. The hardest part of my journey was making that 1st initial call.
I cant speak highly enough about Dave, his driving techniques and professionalism are exemplary! Dave is so patient and laid back he restored my faith and confidence in driving again, so much so I found myself looking forward to my Saturday morning lesson. Without Dave’s patience and teaching me valuable driving skills, I would never of passed 1st time.
Hardman Driving School is highly recommended and I shall certainly be passing on Dave’s number, I can’t thank Dave enough!”.
-Jo Savage
“Fantatic help and support. I would recommend Hardman Driving School to anyone. Fantastic guidance and Dave was always superbly organised and helped me with every aspect of my driving. Thanks!.”
– Matthew Howard
“Excellent instructors. Make you feel at ease. Enjoyed learning to drive with this driving school, highly recommend”.
-Jack Doran
” I have taken my driving lessons with Dave 5 years ago now, were I passed first time. I suffered really bad with my nerves and believed I would never be able to pass. Hardman Driving School gave me the confidence in myself and my ability to drive. The lessons was always enjoyable and I not only learnt how to pass a driving test but gained so much information about driving in gerneral. I am now a fully confident driver and have recommended Hardman Driving School to 3 of my friends who all passed first time and argue Hardman Driving School is the best about. I would highly recommend anyone to Hardman Driving School. Excellent instructors!”.
-Daniel McGuiness
“I was recommmended Hardman Driving School from a friend. Helen, my driving instructor was brilliant she helped me gain confidence when driving and I always enjoyed my lessons!. I have already recommended Helen to friends and family for an excellent driving instructor. Thank you again Helen!.”
-Emily Leahey
5 stars ! Excellent Instructor. Highly recommend Hardman Driving School ! I changed from previous instructor
 and i couldn’t believe the difference . Reliable and regularly lessons and Dave was very patient and makes you feel at ease.
Thank you so much.
-Alison Carlisle
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